Translation Studies and Interpreting is an academic discipline that is gaining increasing attention globally, especially in this era of globalisation as people engage in various forms of mobilities for political, economic and social purposes. Furthermore, as a field of study that cuts across various disciplines, Translation Studies and Interpreting has the capacity to act as the catalyst towards sustainability and transfer of knowledge from one civilisation to another, and thus encouraging interactions between language, culture and knowledge.

In line with this, Translation and Interpreting Research Unit (UniTI) is established with the aim to conduct pure and applied Translation Studies and Interpreting researches through various collaborations across different disciplines, involving a multitude of language pairings. The Unit will also be focusing on short term courses and training workshops for translators and interpreters, as well as offering consultations, and translation and interpreting services as part of its main agenda.

Therefore, UniTi would like to welcome research collaboration proposals from all higher learning institutions, research centres, industries, as well as the community.